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Found in the heart of apple growing country in the South West of Western Australia, Custard & Co has always been a little different, using whole local fruit to make a true, whole apple cider. NO concentrate and NO flavouring.

We revel in the nuttiness of what nature throws at us, using spontaneous wild yeast from the apples at each pressing, and open fermentation, with the good stuff bubbling away for somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks (occasionally encouraged by the Custard crew hugging the tanks for extra love).

From our Original to our Scrumpy, the seasonal fruits naturally affect the textures and flavours of the cider, something we embrace with open arms - it means we stay fresh and unexpected, just how we like it. Custard HQ is also clean of any nasty caustics in our tanks, because we actually care about the environment and our customers bodies!




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Vintage Dry Apple Cider 5.5% ABV
It's all in the name, my brothers & sisters - this vintage crisp dry cider is full of old school, lip puckering loveliness that should be enjoyed with friends to remember the good old days. A seriously real cider!

Scrumpy Apple Cider 6% ABV
Scrumpy is simple... unfiltered, uncarbonated, open fermented cider using just Custard's wild yeast & whole loval apples to create a modern Australian scrumpy apple cider. And don't be scared of the bits at the bottom - give the bottle a gentle roll to blend all of the goodness through, open, and drink up!

Original Apple Cider 4.5% ABV
Our original cider is an unfiltered product which makes for one light, sparkling drop with natural sweetness and stone fruit flavours created by our wild yeast strain. Perfect over ice, with a slice of lemon to bring out the apples natural acidity.

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"The rockstars of Aussie cider"