Melbourne Winter

it's been a seriously busy couple of winter months in Melbourne. We've been on a mission to show people that cider isn't just a summer drink and it seems a lot of you agree! The release of our spiced mulling syrup for cider & wine was a great success with a heap of bars using it to make mulled cider in house and so many of you fine folks buying some from our favourite bottle shops to make some for yourselves at home!

A massive thank you to the Blackhearts & Sparrows group who have been huge supporters of the mulling syrup! We've been on a bit of a Blackhearts hot mulled cider tour handing out free tastings each friday night at one of their 7 stores across Melbourne and the response from you guys has been phenomenal so a big thank you to you as well!

Even though it's winter the awesome new bars haven't stopped opening! 

Some of our favourite new venues which have generously put Custard & Co on tap include...

Hats & Tatts- A frat house style dive bar in South Melbourne which is owned an operated by none other than our good friend, creator of The West Winds Gin and all round industry legend Jason Chan! With a ridiculous selection of good booze, good tunes, pin ball machines and a massive blue neon sign with the classic Zoolander quote "derelicte my balls" above the back bar there's more than a few good times to be had here!

Stray Neighbour- The lads from Stray Neighbour have converted an old panel beaters in Preston into a beautiful open warehouse style venue which includes bar, dining & outdoor areas. It looks amazing, the vibe is great and the food & booze offering is top notch! The tap setup is a highlight with 12 craft beers & ciders all with their own comical dog head tap handle. Oh and there's also a pool table!

Ladro Tap- While it's not a new venue this well known, well loved italian bar & eatery in Prahran has just stepped it up a notch, installing 12 new taps which will be pouring all Australian craft booze! These guys are all about the environment too sourcing local, sustainable products wherever possible and they recycle 100% of their organic waste. You can buy it to throw on your garden for only $2 a bag! Top stuff Ladro Tap!

Black Pearl- Again this is by no means a brand new venue, in-fact these guys have been dominating the Australian cocktail scene for longer than I can remember and this year they were crowned "best high volume cocktail bar in the world" at the spirited awards in New Orleans. However they recently decided to close up shop for a few weeks and give her a bit of a facelift... and wow did she come out looking sexier than ever! They also installed some extra taps so now there's a little more crafty booze to match their world class cocktails!

We have one more winter event planned and it is being held at none other than the above mentioned Black Pearl Bar (upstairs at The Attic)...

It's called...   

Not Just A Summer Drink

Cider In Winter Cocktail Party

and will feature 4 hot/winter style cider cocktails created by The Attic/Black Pearl's Nathan Beasley and delicious matching snacks by our dear friends and brilliant chefs Matt Stone & Jo Barrett. Sunday the 30th of August. We hope to see you there! 

Check our social media pages for more info.

A huge thanks to all the venues, stores and all you lovely cider drinkers that have continued to support us over winter!

Much appreciated & happy cider drinking!


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