It's Gourmet...

Spring has come to Custard & Co, dressed up like summer! It feels like we've jumped straight from winter to warm, and we're not mad about it - ESPECIALLY because next weekend the whole team will be packing up and heading down south for GOURMET ESCAPE! We're already picturing ourselves sprawled out under some shade at Leeuwin Estate, noshing on some gourmet tucker, sipping something no one in Australia has ever tasted before (we're looking at you, Fever Tree Aromatic G&T!) while doing a spot of people watching... oh, and WORK, lots of WORK! 

You'll be able to find us in the Gourmet Village - you'll just need to listen out for the banging tunes, bright yellow tees and flag, and look for the longest queue! We'll be in all weekend, and we'll have all your favourites on, plus a few surprises JUST for the Gourmet Escape punter. There's such a fabulous vibe at this event, and it truly is a gem on the WA events calendar - we can't wait to see you there (or on a beach some where)!

Elle DixonComment