Truffle Kerfuffle 2017

How does it come and go again so fast?! This past weekend has flown by at Truffle Kerfuffle, probably because we were having a blast - and by the looks of how much stock we (didn't) come back with, so were you! The great southern region truly never disappoints, with its beautiful forests and incredibly rich earth - the produce we tried, from truffles to taters to veggies, nuts and cheeses, was simply spectacular. We can understand why this magical event attracts big names in the culinary world - the chance to cook with the bounty of the area, as well as meet and talk with the producers/farmers, would be tough to turn down. And aren't we all luckier for it!

Apart from our own fun in the Gourmet Marketplace, we had the opportunity to enjoy the opening night Feast & Fire, hosted by River Cottage Australia's Paul West and prepared by Vasse Felix chef Aaron Carr and Aravina chef Ben Day, and partake in on the Southern Forests BBQ Lunch, prepared by Liberte Albany's amazing Amy Hamilton - both events showcased the beautiful versatility of the truffle, from entree to dessert! We also kept the Chef's Cabin stocked with flagons of our delicious Scrumpy Cider (featuring artwork by our friend Andrew Frazer), which made for some hilarious "product placement" snaps with Paul - what a nutter, just our type of dude, and passionate about good food for all.

All in all, we are ALWAYS stoked to stand alongside our friends in the industry and talk about cider... or beer, or wine, or icecream, wherever the conversations lead! Thanks again to Max, Sarah and the organising team, ALL the wonderful staff and volunteers, the chefs and experts who shared their gifts, and you guys - the cheerful punters we're all here for. Our Custard crew - lovely owners Peter and Wendy, original Custard hustla Caitlyn, cider maker Andy (sorry we left you home, buddy!), Carli and Bailey (the cute couple behind the Custard stall) and snapper/grammer Elle - will see you in twenty eighteen!


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