Flour Factory winters...

There are few things more delightful in winter than hearty dishes and warming drinks - of course, mulled cider is a favourite of ours! We recently popped in to visit our mates at The Flour Factory on Queen Street to sip on their latest cool weather creation - warmed Custard Scrumpy with a house made mulling syrup, served up by the glass (or the carafe, you'll want more than one!). Pair that with some charcuterie, and all your June troubles will melt away like ice in a long-held drink.

The Hoff (aka Simon Hough, resident sock lover, maker of such cider delights, and TFF manager) is no stranger to styling up a drink, so we had a lot of fun shooting this one. The Flour Factory will be serving up this delicious treat every Thursday in June - that's right, it's a limited time only thing, so don't delay! 

Elle DixonComment