To Market we go!

We've always been proud to be a homegrown business. The south west of WA is ripe with the people and produce needed to make quality products - you can take a drive from Bunbury out into the valley, and hit wineries, breweries, cheesemakers, bakers, artisans and galleries galore. Our home in Donnybrook is known as "apple country", and you'll know it as soon as you find yourself surrounded by orchards (you should see those blossoms popping in spring!). 

But before you get to us, you'll likely pass through the sweet little town of Boyanup. Dotted with churches (some operational, some repurposed as a home for proper french wares, we're looking at you Rustic French), antiques, and a killer corner store, it's small but beautiful. And, every fourth Sunday of the month, it truly comes alive when the legendary Boyanup Farmers Market takes over the local oval. With everything from chooks to potted plants, local meats and eggs, chocolates and hand made soap, it's as rustic as it gets! We made our very first appearance in August, and we will DEFINITELY be back in September - we loved the friendly crowds, the enthusiastic tasters, and especially all the fur babies getting around with their owners. That's right - if your pups are well behaved and on a leash, they can come along and socialise with you!

Check out more on the Boyanup Farmers Market Facebook page, and be sure you hit that "like" button so you don't miss the next one!

Elle DixonComment